22 September 2010

3 simple tricks to memorize EVERYTHING for an exam in 10 minutes. - It's True!

1. Eat a cooked egg with the yolk. Yolk is known to help increase brain and memorization productivity.

2. Sit with both feet flat on the ground. Although this may seem really simple, 90 percent of people sit with their legs crossed, or one foot slightly/fully off the ground the majority of the time. Sitting with both feet flat on the ground helps blood flow to the brain, and it is also less distracting.

3. When you are reading, use your finger to guide your eyes. The faster you move your finger, the faster your eyes move. Even though it may seem like you're skipping words fast, your brain puts together the missing words. Humans are logical. Not only does using a finger increase your reading speed by 300% +, but it also helps keep people focused. Most students tend to doze off in the middle of reading, but using a finger will help keep you focused.

P.S. Try and tell if it works these tips! ;)
xo xo ✿ pink princess ✿